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At Element Blue Engineering we offer standardised sourcing and product development sourcing packages although please note owing to the vast differences in complexity from project to project, the timescales and pricing presented below are for reference only. Contact us for an accurate quote based on your project.

However, since every project and every customer is different we take a very flexible approach and we are able to offer customised packages to suit your needs and requirements. 

Product development process ElementBlue.
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Looking for an off the shelf product? With your project brief, our staff will start by looking through our database of approved suppliers and also look at alternative options through B2B sourcing sites and Chinese search engines.

With our experience and processes we are confident that by virtual research alone, we will find a least 3 suitable and legitimate suppliers for any product that you require. 

Lead time: 5-10 days

Cost: €200 - €700 (depending on product’s complexity and difficulty)


The Pricing Report is an intermediary step in a product development. Based on factories quotes, the manufactured price of an OEM (custom) product is estimated before starting any serious development work. It will require some initial research and meetings within the R&D team, including basic drawings and specifications.

The pricing will inevitably be an estimate since drawings and specifications are unlikely to be complete; however, the intent is to be as accurate as possible so that you can decide on the next course of action for your project.

Lead time: 5-7 days

Cost: €400 - €700 (depending on product’s complexity and difficulty)

Note: Additional design work when required will increase the service cost.


The RTMP is a comprehensive report 10 to 15 pages, detailing all steps required for a full product development ready for market. Starting point can be concept stage, prototype or latter.

The report is tailored to each project type and their stage of development, in order to define the required steps and provide a clear understanding of the product development process. Each stage of the RTMP clearly details the deliverables, time scale, responsible individual and cost.

Lead time: 10-15 days

Cost: €700 - €1000 (depending on product’s complexity and difficulty)

Note: The RTMP report requires a significant amount of research and feedback from cross-functional experts within our R&D team. But it is not to be confused with actual Product development which depending on complexity may amount to €10,000’s.

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